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Previously unseen photo of Kurt Cobain in Canada, 1991.

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Today has been relatively trying *emotionally* and every time I have turned the radio on today, that fucking Jason Derulo talk dirty song is on, and honestly I think I’m giving up 

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"I have always felt a strong and emotional connection to members of the LGBTQ community. It was actually a huge disappointment for me, when I came of age and realized that I was sexually attracted to men. So when my sister came out, I thought, Thank God, someone in this family can truly represent my passions and beliefs. My sister Grace coming out as a gay woman at age 17 was a huge turning point for me in my understanding of the issues facing LGBTQ people. We were raised in an environment—the art world of downtown Manhattan—where no one hid their sexual orientation, and a common question from four-year-old me was ‘Mom, are those ladies gay together?’ I was always very jealous of any child who had two dads."

lena dunham in the most hilariously obtuse and ignorant fetishization i think i’ve ever read (via javeliner)

this is some macklemore type shit except maybe even worse.

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Melissa Auf der Maur